Why Desi Chai Sutta ?

Desi Chai Sutta brings an emotion creating the ambience best suited for a group of friends, relatives, colleagues or someone special along with a sip of hot brewing Chai. Not only we cater the Chai pangs of our customers but we also have many food options and puffs to go with it as well. We open our doors to all who wants to experience something different, something unique having a traditional touch. Come for a sip and enjoy our platter of offerings.

Mr. Ghosh


Mr. Dilip Ghosh has an immense experience in the creative field and distribution channel. Other than being the co-founder of Desi Chai Sutta, He is a renowned Film Director. He has directed a lot of Art/Documentary/Short/Commercial & No commercial Films. Won a lot of Awards for his work bagging two National Awards for his movies.

Mr. Agarwal


Mr. Shubham Agarwal has years of experience in the sales and marketing domain. Other than being the co-founder of Desi Chai Sutta, he is currently into the Automotive Industry (Hyundai Dealership), Events and Eco-Farming (Boltota Farms). He has done his master’s in marketing and is analum of St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata & IIM Calcutta.

Our Vision

A roadside tea stall is a common sight across the country. Our vision is to bring a change to this highly unorganized sector, in such a manner that it becomes one of the first choices to hangout and go to for quick refreshments without the worries of hygiene and health factors. We shall place new Kiosks and replace the present ones with food grade quality materials used for the setup and provide with branded, eco-friendly, and quality equipment to all our Kiosk partners. We aim to build and change the concept and mindset. People would look and feel it as “Stalls on the roadside” rather than what they call it now- “a roadside stall”.

We aim to serve an unmatched experience of having Tea and plan to keep our taste beyond words. We shall leave no stone unturned in maintaining hygiene while appeasing the taste buds of the tea lovers. We will serve our Desi Chai in the Eco Friendly ‘KULHADS’. We aim to have a welcoming ambience at all our outlets. Other than the kiosks, we shall upgrade outlets with state-of-the-art food and beverages, modified ambience, and position them as premium tea lounges as exclusive hangout places.

Our Mission

DESI CHAI SUTTA is a Start –up whose mission is to provide the best quality of fresh and hygienic Desi Chai in India and abroad. Tea is a traditional and highly consumed product of India. We will keep our tradition in place and focus on various kind of Desi Chai like Masala Chai, Black Chai, Lemon Chai, Ginger Chai, etc. to suit and provide variety to our forever young consumers.

We shall serve the mix of both worlds! With traditional snacks like Ganthia, Namkeen, Mathari, Shakarpara, Chakli etc. We will also serve global snacks like Toasts, Sandwiches, Fries and more in our menu, to provide with your choice of a perfect accompaniment with your Kulhad of Tea.


Costing of each outlet depending upon the location and the type of model one chooses to take. Get in touch to know more !

Our outlets are located at Bhawanipore, Madhyamgram, Barasat, Uttarpara, Amtala, BT Road, Barrackpore and Howrah.

There are currently 8 outlest for now but we do plan to expand more and fast !!

You can enquire from our online form placed at or you can mail your query at  dcsindiacafe@gmail.com.

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